What is Dllhost.exe?

Dllhost.exe is an executable program that exists on every computer. The problem with this file is that it is usually preinstalled in all PCs but at the same time can be confused with a very serious Trojan horse and virus. All exe programs are executable programs and that is the major source of problems when it comes to non savvy computer users.

Location of Dllhost.exe

Dllhost.exe can be found in a very particular location in your hard drive; this is where it is supposed to be when it is preinstalled, as it comes with the Windows operating system. The original and non malicious program comes with the DCOM software; it is a part of the operating system, therefore deleting it can cause serious problems to your computer. The program is very important for the stable and smooth operation of the computer. Its main purpose it to control and manage the DLL applications of the computer. Any alteration, termination or removal of the file can cause system crash, data loss and damages to the registry. Its operation should never be terminated from Windows Task Manager either. The location of the original is C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllhost.exe /Processid:{02D4B3F1-FD88-11D1-960D-00805FC79235.

The real Dllhost.exe file is not spyware, it has nothing to do with adware or popups, it is not considered to be malicious and it is not to be removed.

Dllhost.exe Virus

If by any chance you find any other file with the same name in other folders than this, then it is a virus or Trojan and needs to be quarantined or removed right away. Dllhost.exe –the virus — is a very dangerous malware and spyware file and can damage your computer and you seriously, opening doors to hackers who can steal data and personal information from your computer.

There are many antiviruses and anti spyware programs available today that can locate and eliminate the malicious file in your computer; however some important information could have leaked already. Since dllhost can confuse you, you should run some checks once a week, to make sure that your computer is safe and spyware-free. In any case, since it is an executable program, under no circumstances execute any file that is named this way, and delete any email or file received containing this file — the original Windows file cannot be sent, since it is integrated in the operating system. Any file sent this way cannot be anything else than virus or some kind of spyware.