What Does JavaScript Void(0) Mean

While browsing websites, you sometimes encounter the error JavaScript: Void (0). It primarily occurs because the internet browser is unable to read the JavaScript code. There are several reasons why the internet browser fails to read the JavaScript.

Internet Browser

Sometimes the JavaScript: Void (0) error occurs because of a fault of the internet browser. In some browsers Javascript is disabled. In such cases, you have to enable JavaScript. If you are using Windows Internet Explorer, then to enable javascript, you would have to go the Tools menu and select the Internet Options. Then you would have to click the Security tab and choose Custom Level; check the scripting box to enable JavaScript.

On a few occasions, you may need to upgrade your internet browser. The JavaScript: Void (0) error occurs because the website is written for a newer browser and you are using the outdated version. In that case, you are left with no other option than to download the latest version of the browser.

Popup Window Blocker

One of the most likely causes of JavaScript: Void (0) error is having a popup window blocker. The main function of this software is to block those windows that pop up whenever you visit a website. These windows usually contain promotional messages, and for a majority of internet users, they are just annoying. Popup window blocker programs successfully block the popup windows, but sometimes, it also prevents the JavaScript from functioning properly. This lead to JavaScript: Void (0) error.

To avoid the error from arising, either uninstall the anti-popup software or change its configuration settings. Another remedy is to select some other anti popup software that effectively blocks the popup windows as well as allows the JavaScript to work accurately.

Proxy Server

Proxy servers do two things simultaneously, firstly, they allow the user to browse banned sites, and secondly, they efficiently hide the true identity of the user. While executing both these jobs, these servers also block JavaScript code and will cause JavaScript: Void (0) error. The best way to overcome the error is to stop using those proxy servers or switch proxy servers to ones that don’t block Javascript.

Another reason for the JavaScript: Void (0) error is poorly written JavaScript. Here the only thing that you can do is to request the webmaster to correct the script.